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Learn Before Lunch Schedule


Learn Before Lunch

CPC's Signature Event - 3 Hour Hands-On Training

TBA 2017

Building Forms in Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat has made it so simple to give each other documents that anyone can use. Making fillable forms in Acrobat extends the power of this amazing app. Start by creating a basic fillable form in Acrobat. Next, build a form from scratch using Live Cycle Designer and add calculation to the form. Finally, build a form that give you barcoding and lets you submit and collect data via email.

TBA 2017

Excel 2016 - Conquering Formulas and Functions


Use Excel 2016 to learn the variety of functions available and how to use them to build powerful formulas.

Function Types Overview

  • Defining Arguments to the Function
  • Relative and Absolute References
  • Functions that Modify Text
  • Functions that Make Decisions
  • Formulas that Calculate Across Spreadsheets
  • Functions that Figure Finances
  • Functions that Add Specific Numbers
  • Functions that Calculate Dates

Using Formulas to make Conditional Formatting


TBA 2017

Word 2016 - Styles, Formatting and Mail Merge


Students will learn advanced formatting and document automation that is a part of Word 2010. These features bridge the gap from text editing to polished publications.

  • Defining Styles
  • Using Existing Styles
  • Modifying Existing Styles
  • Creating New Styles
  • Adding Styles to the Gallery
  • Using Section Breaks
  • Using Field Codes
  • Inserting Pagination
  • Inserting Quick Parts
  • Building Quick Parts
  • Working with Field Codes
  • Inserting a Table of Contents
  • Tagging Entries for an Index
  • Inserting an Index
  • Mail Merge

 TBA 2017

TBA Excel Essentials 2016

Learn the basics of working in spreadsheets using Excel 2016. Enter data easily, calculate quickly, and make your data look great on screen and in print. Learn about shortcuts that make building spreadsheets easier. Find out how formulas and functions work in Excel, and how you can make your data fit when printing spreadsheets.

  • Entering Data into Worksheets
  • Adding and Moving Worksheets
  • Formatting Cell Contents
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Building Formulas
  • Function Types Overview
  • Defining Arguments to the Function
  • Creating Formulas that Calculate Across Spreadsheets
  • Adding Headers and Footers

TBA 2017

Excel 2016: Powerful Pivot Tables & Charts

In this class, Pivot Tables are demystified, and students learn about creating, formatting, and adding PivotCharts. Add calculated fields to your PivotTables, learn how to reorder your data, and make it presentable so you can use the finished table in your Word and PowerPoint documents.


All sessions are held in our Remington Green Conference Room

2834 Remington Green Circle, Suite 108, 9-12 pm, arrive 10 minutes early. Off Capital Circle NE.

Cost: $99 per person

Call 850.284.2094 to reserve your seat - spaces are limited and going fast!





































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